Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fly Away vs. Work - No Fair!!

Tammie gets to fly away on a jet plane and I get to stay home and work. There's something terribly unfair here. Oh well, I'm really glad she can get to spend time with the kids and that they enjoy having her. I miss Tammie when she is gone, so you know what I do? That's right, I tackle a "PROJECT". Do I love to work or what? I AM SICK!!
This time it was one of the last uncharted territories of our little homestead. It was a place that all MEN cherish. THE GARAGE. That's right, I gutted the old garage like stabbing a knife in a dead deer and pulling all the guts out and tossing them aside and letting out a primal scream, ARRRRRRRR. Well it was just the cabinets and they went to the dump, but you can see for yourself by the pictures. All I can say is "new and improved". I think it turned out well.
You might be asking what in the world is he gonna do next time Tammie flies that big jet plane? Stay tuned.


Well, it has been an incredible two weeks in GA. I got to spend that time with Nick, Amanda and 3 of our grandchildren. Lots of fun memories were made. God has certainly blessed us with fun loving and funny grand children.
I was able to watch the kids many times as Nick and Amanda were able to enjoy some time out doing stuff that normally is harder to do with 3 kids. Of course, I enjoyed every minute I was there playing with them.
Bryson started his first soccer season games while I was there. I will have a few pictures of that. Nick is also his coach. :) Bryson is getting the hang of the game and almost made a couple goals. OH SOOOO CLOSE! Zeke enjoyed cheering for his brother also.
Zeke had his 8 hour sleep test and they determined he does not have seizures. The first doctor had been treating him for that now they do not say he is having them, possibly migraine but Nick and Amanda are just unsure about it so they are getting 2 and possibly 3rd opinions. I am glad they are pursuing this. So please pray about this as those of us as parents hate to see our children go through any medical difficulties. It is only by prayer that we have the strength to go through these trials.
AJ is running all over. Needless to say, I slept very well at bedtime. She is a very pretty lovely little princess (so her daddy calls her) that is definitely a daddy's girl. It is so sweet. She reminds me of linus. Dragging her blanket behind her and sucking her thumb. SO SWEET!
I will have pictures to follow.
I even had the chance to go to Savannah with all the family and eat at "Lady and Sons" restaurant in Savannah, GA. This is Paula Dean's restaurant. For those of you who do not know her, she has a cooking show on TV. HEY YA'LL---you should be watching her and learning to cook scrumptious food. :) FOOD WAS OF COURSE FANTASTIC. EVEN HAD MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HER (cardboard of course.) It was a very fun and enjoyable time.
The time went to fast and is always fun being with all of them. Lots of laughs from the boys but I especially will remember that every morning between 7 and 7:30 am Bryson would crawl into bed with me and then about a half hour later little Zeke would come out and crawl into bed on the other side. Now what meme wouldn't enjoy that? I remind you that these pictures of me in the bed with the boys is in the morning--we all know what we look like in the morning, right? I will always cherish those moments and memories. One day (and it will arrive to soon) they will be to big to do this so I will take every chance of it now.
Now that I am home in 5 days (Friday, Oct. 3rd) Kevin, Cristal and I will be flying out to SD to visit Cory, Shannon and our grandson Cian for 1 1/2 weeks. Cian will be turning one year old then. WE can hardly wait to see him (and of course his mommy and daddy also).
There will also be a picture of AJ experiencing her first lemon so I have her expression of that also.
As Shannon mentioned her in blog, please leave a comment because it is always nice to know that someone is reading our updates, even if it is a Hello! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane!

Tomorrow bright and early I will be flying the big bird to Rincon, GA. That is near Savannah. By noon time I will be enjoying the heat and probably more rain as in GA this is their rainy season.
A year ago at this time I was also down there to welcome our new grand daughter AJ who just turned one year old on Monday, September 8th. How times flY! (No punt intended).
I am thrilled to be going but while I am down there our grandson Zeke will be going through another longer sleep test to check on him having seizures. Please pray for him as they go through this once again. I know GOD--the great physician--can take this and have it completely gone so this is what I have been praying (if it be his will).
Also, when our sons started having our grand children we always said once they were starting in sports it would be neat to go and see them play in whatever they are in---WELL----believe it or not---that time has arrived. Can't believe it! So while I am down in GA for two weeks I will be able to take in some soccer games that Bryson is in. Cool, huh? To top it off, Nick is his coach. What a riot! I can't wait to take pictures of him playing. Unfortunately, Kevin is not able to go with me on this trip due to the fact that 4 days after I get back from GA, Kevin, Cristal and I will be flying out to SD to see Cory, Shannon and Cian for a week and a half. I can't wait for that trip either. Cian will be turning one also on October 11th. We love being grandparent but having them far away was not part of the deal. :(
So if you remember--pray for Zeke--pray for safety as I fly--and for safety for Bryson as he plays. I remember all the pains that Cory and Nick got while playing sports. EECCKK!