Thursday, February 14, 2008


Kevin has finally been up and doing things here and there. We needed a stronger pain medicine than what they started him on at first. It seems to be helping but he is still having pain and Lord willing that will go away eventually and permanently. Please continue to pray that this procedure he had will work. We are just glad that he is finally on the healing end of all of this. It is so snowy and cold outside that we just sit inside the house and watch movies together. I don't mind that but pray for Kevin's healing. I am putting a picture of one of his x-rays to show you what he had done. You will see a probe on each side of the disc that they use radio frequency waves to heat the disc and repair. We 're just glad it is over and pray that it will work for him.
Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kevin's procedure date

For those who read our blog, I wanted to let you know to be praying for Kevin tomorrow--February 11th. He will be having a procedure called Transdiscal Bicupulasty.
He will have two different levels of disc (L2,L3) & (L4,L5). They will put in two prongs into each side of the discs and then they will use radio frequency to heat up the disc causing it to reform the disc repairing the tears and rips plus burning off the ends of the nerves there to rid of the pain. This is a fairly new procedure but there has been success with it. The only other option would be to fuse the disc together which is a very serious surgery and the very last thing they would want to do. So pray for him and the healing and that this would work for him. To be without pain would be a great thing. It has been two years now he has been dealing with this and meds do not help any more without making him like a zombie.
Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here we go again

When will it stop? We are expecting over 6 inches today and I think we are all ready at that and it is continuing to snow with no end in sight. Sure would love to have some of that heat and sun in the south! :)