Sunday, June 29, 2008

This and That

Today is a beautiful day(Sunday)so as Kevin and I are sitting out on the deck we decided to update the blog starting with a picture of one of our many recent storms. We've had lots of rain, nasty lightning, wind and thunder. Seems like one of these blow up everyday or so but some are pretty awesome for Kevin to watch (not me).
Another picture is of our YUCCA plant that blossomed for the first time in 5 years. This neat plant was given to us by Kevin's mom and dad.
Now it seems like we are proudly supporting the state of Georgia bulldogs flag given to Kevin for Father's Day from Nick and Amanda and family. Hey Cory? We would support South Dakota also--Do you know if they have a flag? :)
The next picture is of Kevin's red Bricklin. Please pray that this would sell this week so he can get underway with restoring the orange Bricklin and the Crosley hotrod.
The week of July 7-11 I (Tammie) will be going to our church camp to help cook in the kitchen. Crazy, huh? So I am praying for cooler weather because I understand the kitchen has no AC. Hey Nick, do you have any advice how to survive up there without internet? I will have my phone so Lord willing I can be reached so keep in touch with me everyone.
This last weekend has been a mix of emotions due to a funeral on Friday and then a wedding on Saturday but the Lord blessed them both in different ways. Kind of like some endings and beginnings so to speak.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This has been a very busy weekend for Cristal, Kevin and I. We decided to have a garage sale. Man---that takes a lot of work to get ready for one of those but it paid off.
It is amazing that what we consider junk---you put a price on it and it sells. AMAZING!
I am really glad it sells though because I like going to garage sales also. Something that you are ready to toss and people like buying it. Cool!
I would consider our garage sale was very successful in getting rid of a lot of stuff.
I was glad really to see that it will give other people pleasure in what they purchased. With all the flooding out west recently the Red Cross is hurting for donations of clothing so guess where I am taking mine. We had 4 big bags of clothing left (I am sure there would of been double that to begin with) so we are going to take them to the Red Cross. They have been asking for donations of clothing because their supply is getting low so help them out and take your donations of clothes to the Red Cross.
We can show our support for these people that are suffering right now and loosing so much. For those of us who are not affected by these floods, let's remember to pray for them and support them. Some day we, ourselves, might have to rely on someone to help us out.
GOD is my main support but we need to show that through our actions also when someone needs some help.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I was very blessed to be raised in a Christian home with a Christian father. At times as I was growing up I am sure I didn't seem blessed but now as an adult and a parent myself I can look back and say I am very THANKFUL for the earthly father that I was given from my HEAVENLY father. Thanks dad (and mom) for raising your 6 children in a Christian home. GOD bless you and all the father's out there celebrating this day.
I also am very blessed to have a Christian husband who is a great dad to our 3 children. Thanks Kevin for always supporting me and the kids, for making us feel important, loved and well cared for. I hope you have a great father's day.
All of us love you Kevin. God has blessed us a great deal with a very loving and caring family who love the Lord themselves. I know we will see all of our children in Heaven one day when the Lord returns for his great FATHER'S DAY. We pray everyday for our grandchildren to know their heavenly father one day soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Results of Zeke's test

On Tuesday, June 10th Nick and Amanda had to take Zeke in to see his neurologists. Their first phone call telling them to bring him in on Tuesday was very stressful. They didn't say anything except to bring him in. That's it so like the humans we are we all became very worried about what they might of found on his MRI. We all know that GOD has full control of every situation we face but we also know that through trials like this it should bring us closer to him. For me, it certainly does. Prayer is the ultimate.
Well, later on that day Nick and I were discussing the possibility of me staying down there another week. I couldn't leave on the day that they were taking him back to the neurologist especially when they called and told them to bring him in. (Thinking it is very serious, at this point) while talking things out the office called again telling us that Zeke's MRI was normal. What a relief!!! You know, you always start thinking bad things (because they won't tell ya over the phone) They found sinusitis was all but they didn't have the results of the EEG he had on the Monday before. Well, knowing that the MRI was normal, I decided to come home to Michigan.
The appointment turned out telling them the results of the EEG. It turns out that our little Zeke is having little seizures. The only reason they have been having him checked out is because for the last year he complains of his right eye hurting. They have had his eye checked--it is fine---they took him to an allergist and had him tested which showed allergies to dust mites (I think everyone has that at some point)
well, nothing has really improved his pain so the neurologist was next.
Now Zeke is taking seizure medication. It is one that they increase after a week for the next 3-4 weeks reaching the full amount they want him at.
MY PRAYER REQUEST FOR ZEKE IS: Pray that this medication works for him and gets rid of the pain, that there won't be any side affects and that he will take the medicine without fighting against it. Apparently, it taste horrible which would make it easier to give if they could improve this when it involves children.
ZEKE--MEME AND PAPA LOVE YOU AND WE PRAY FOR YOU (as well as all our grand children) everyday.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Report on Zeke's medical tests

Well, we are so thankful that this week of medical tests are over for our grandson Zeke. God was with the little guy through it all but it is still hard to think of the pain and scariness that he had to go through. He had a EEG, blood work, and yesterday was the MRI. That alone was a bad experience for him and more so for Nick and Amanda. I just give all the praise to the LORD for getting them all through it and now they will have to wait till June 30th for the results. One of the blood work results came back as low iron which he has always had an issue with that so they are working that out now.
Just pray that they can find an answer or some way to relieve the eye pain that Zeke experiences. Probably preventative medicine for migraines is what I am thinking.
Anyway, I (meme) have been down here in Georgia since May 28th to be here to care for Bryson and AJ so that the focus could be on Zeke. I have had a lot of fun with them all especially in the morning when Zeke and Bubba come and crawl in bed with me and we just stay there for a while just resting or talking. The greatest time of all. I will sure miss that when I fly back home on Tuesday, June 10th.