Friday, January 23, 2009


Kevin and I are so excited to have our son Nick and his wife Amanda and our 3 grand children to be moving back to MI and to live with us for about 2 1/2 to 3 months. God has a new adventure for their family to experience. They have had a door open for them to go to Slidell, LA to serve the Lord with a pastor friend of Nick's. The church there is growing with leaps and bounds since Hurricane Katrina hit that area. Praise the Lord! It is to the point of needing help with teens and children and that is what Nick and Amanda love to do so in the mean time they are heading here to MI. Sometime is needed to relax and recoup and gear up for that calling. Their house in Harbor Beach has still not sold and they have been in GA for 2 1/2 years. This has been a burden so while they are here Nick and Kevin will go and do some repairs that are needed and Lord willing get it sold before they leave or find some renters for it that they can meet and find the right people for it. I am asking to really pray about this situation to be resolved by April when they are looking at leaving for LA. Pray for Nick and his family as they are going through this transition and so desiring the Lord leading in the direction for their lives.
As parents, we would love to have all our children near to us. Even living with us. I know many parents can't wait for their children to move on but for us we would LOVE to have all our children and their families to be under one roof. This is the time we as parents have waited for to have our grand children and children close---under one roof---but we know that GOD is leading all of them in different directions doing his work where ever they end up and THAT is the #1 thing that Kevin and I so desire for our children. To be serving the Lord!
So whether they are in LA or SD or MI---Serve the Lord but always know to all of our kids---our home is your home and we will always be glad to have you all move in.
So for any of you that are reading this please pray for Nick and his family with the decisions and directions they are needing. For Cory and his family please pray for a wonderful, safe, healthy, delivery for our future grand daughter to be born in March. Shannon and Cory are having a home birth with Teagan (our grand daughters name). Pray for job situations for both the boys and our grand children as they will be having to leave friends and make new ones and for Cian to be a wonderful big brother to his new baby sister. We love you all very much!!!
Also, Cristal's boyfriend Andrew has been deployed to Germany now with a few weeks there and then to Kosovo. He will be there about a year so please pray for his safety and also the unit he is with. Andrew is in the National Guards-Army-so it is a very emotional and trying time for Cristal and especially his family as he is over there. Pray for support and comfort for the family and a hedge of protection over Andrew and his buddies as they serve our country.

Monday, January 5, 2009


On January 6th, 2009 Kevin and I will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary. Our new year has started out a little rough with both of us going through some health issues but we managed to get away for a over nighter at the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge. It was very enjoyable and of course to short of a stay. We did a lot of looking around in some stores, just hung around and relaxed a little, ate our favorite meal at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, took a horse carriage ride around the city. The video you see are us taking the carriage across the wooden bridge with the sleigh bells on the horse ringing and clippity clop of the horses hoves going across the bridge. I thought it was a neat sound. We were cuddled closely inside the carriage to keep warm and covered with a blanket but we did enjoy the quietness of the city (believe it or not) and hearing the horse making its sounds.
I did put in a picture of our wedding day. What more can I say? It was 32 years ago. (1978) :)