Saturday, August 30, 2008

The finishing touches on our rock garden and a well deserved fun day at Frankenmuth

The first 4 pictures show our fun day at Frankenmuth. There was a chicken shaped shrub, then Cristal on the carriage ride along with Kevin and I in the other picture pulled by horsepower named GUS. The last picture is all of us standing by Gus. The day was beautiful and very enjoyable. Of course, we ate the famous chicken dinner, shopped the shops, and walked a lot.
The last few pictures are of our mostly finished rock garden that is in our front yard. We will continue to add flowers and shrubs as time goes on. We put the wrought iron fence up along the driveway and it completed the look. We are enjoying it a lot. We bought a big bird feeder that we now have to add to it. We enjoy watching hummingbirds, finches, chickadees, cardinals, doves, titmouses, blue jays, gold finches and some that we don't know are coming. We have pesky squirrels that like to enjoy the bird food so we are finding ways of getting rid of them because they eat up the food and the bird feeders themselves. Pesky things!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He ain't Moses but it is a burning bush :)

Kevin decided that taking this picture of him posing as Moses with his (shepherd's rod- in his hand) but he is standing in front of our new burning bush we just planted in our rock garden. We now have it completely covered where we wanted the rocks at and have started planting some of our bushes and flowers. We have some black-eyed susans planted, we will be planting a couple Hydrangea plants tonight along with some ornamental grasses and a Hyssop plan. We also have some miniature trees to plant, four of them to be exact. We will have many more to plant as we decide what we want because eventually we will have it full of beauty along with the blessings of many birds flying in and out of the 3 or 4 feeders I will have available when finished. So I will share the few more picture of our front rock garden and hopefully more in the future.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


August is a very busy month for us as both our sons were married in August. On August 7th, Nick and Amanda celebrated their 9th anniversary. Nine all ready! They were able to go to Savannah and stay in the Hilton and do some tourists stuff. They had a good time. God has blessed us with great daughter-in-laws. Amanda is a very loving and patient wife to Nick and they both have a heart to serve the Lord by working with the youth group at their church called Rincon Baptist Temple Church of Rincon, GA. They have blessed us with 3 wonderful grandchildren, Bryson, Ezekiel and AJ.
On August 25th, Cory and Shannon will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary all ready.
They live in Spearfish, SD. So far away, but I am thankful for the web cam. They are planning on taking a day trip (which I am so happy they can do). Shannon is experiencing the morning sickness stuff so her days are always uncertain, so I will be praying for a great day that they can enjoy. At the same time of celebrating their anniversary Shannon will also be celebrating her birthday that same day. Remember Cory? HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON! God has been working in their lives as well as finding a good church that they enjoy. They have one now but are considering another one in a different city so we are praying for that also. Shannon is such a loving wife and cares for Cory deeply and they have blessed us also with a very funny little grandson Cian.
Dad and I wish you all many many more HAPPY ANNIVERSARIES together! (and many Happy Birhdays, too.)

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Little Fair Fun

This week has been the Midland County Fair. We go every night to have our supper and then just hang. We watched the animal auctions on Thursday which is always interesting to see how much people spend for animals plus we had some friends their with pigs and wanted to see how much they got out of auctioning their pigs.
Anyway, I took a few pictures of the highlight I thought which was three bears doing some tricks. They were fun to watch.

Monday, August 11, 2008


These last couple of weeks Kevin and I have been working outside getting some projects started and completed. Projects that we have been wanting to do and FINALLY got up and started them due to the fact that fall weather is creeping around the corner plus in a couple months I will be having my surgery and won't be able to help out with much.
One of the first projects was to bury our downspouts under ground making the yard easier to mow plus look nicer. Kevin rented a ditch witch and dug 3 trenches. The longest in the front yard with 2 on the side of the house. They are now buried and covered. Praise the Lord!
Now------We have talked about making a rock garden in the front yard for a couple summers now so guess what? We finally started it because doing the trenches it left dirt on the yard so we thought this would be a good time to start the rock garden/yard in the front. Our plans became a larger version of a rock garden but once we lined it out with larger rocks we finally decided on what we wanted so we started up next to the house and planted some new mums and started covering the yard with stone. The layout we have will go to the edge of the driveway clear down to the edge of the street. We will have plenty of things to display in the garden like, bird baths, bird feeders, small shrubs, medium shrubs, unique type statues that have yet to be found. As we further the project we will show the pictures but I will share what we have now.