Monday, January 5, 2009


On January 6th, 2009 Kevin and I will be celebrating our 32nd anniversary. Our new year has started out a little rough with both of us going through some health issues but we managed to get away for a over nighter at the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge. It was very enjoyable and of course to short of a stay. We did a lot of looking around in some stores, just hung around and relaxed a little, ate our favorite meal at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, took a horse carriage ride around the city. The video you see are us taking the carriage across the wooden bridge with the sleigh bells on the horse ringing and clippity clop of the horses hoves going across the bridge. I thought it was a neat sound. We were cuddled closely inside the carriage to keep warm and covered with a blanket but we did enjoy the quietness of the city (believe it or not) and hearing the horse making its sounds.
I did put in a picture of our wedding day. What more can I say? It was 32 years ago. (1978) :)

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